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I recently started getting the 300mg tincture for my Jack Russel so I only have to use half as much as I normally give him. It’s really helped his appetite and mobility!

I have been using the 300 mg hemp oil for about 5-6 months now. I have noticed that my dog is less reactive, her anal glands are less inflamed and that she is tolerating the wind a little bit better. She isn’t completely over the wind but I at least can get her moving. I just wish the bottle was bigger. Right now I am giving it to two dogs, so one bottle last 2-3 weeks.

HolistaPet has helped my Dog immensely with his digestive issues. He usually shacked in pain after eating, suffering from IBS… Now I give him the hemp treat and he’s able to Enjoy Life Again!

I cannot believe how well this has worked!! I have 5 cats and one who is a bully and one who is so skittish a sneeze will scare him off. I gave the skittish one the oil and now he comes out and engages with the other cats. I gave the treats to the bully and I have not had to break up any fights for 3 days. I am amazed and relieved. If I could give 10 stars I would! My Dog is 10 and I could see his arthritis starting to slow him down. I had already purchased the hemp oil for the cats so I thought I would get him the 600 mg. He weighs 85lbs I give him a 1/2 dropper morning and night and now he is playing and running around like he used to. I intend to keep him on this for the rest of his life I love it!!

My 12 year old dachshund CoCo was suffering from arthritis really bad. She was just laying in her bed crying and wouldn’t get up. I came across an article on a website about HolistaPet capsules so I ordered a bottle. Within a couple of days Coco was up and running around. She was even running up and down the stairs! I believe 100% in HolistaPets products. They also went out of their way to send an order to me express when I ran out of capsules . Thanks so very much HolistaPet. You rock!

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